Our chosen coffee comes from Union Hand Roasted whose Direct Trade approach to sourcing their green coffee sits really well with us ethically. This meant we could work with a supplier whose passion for delivering great coffee also enabled the farmers achieve a better price and encouragement to continue improving their crop and financial yield. They have been terrific support with advice and an ongoing training programme for our baristas, and they have a range of lovely beans too.


We are pleased to hear that coffee lovers are seeking us out for our espresso, flat whites and piccolos.


Our Single origin filter coffee changes regularly to highlight the seasonality of speciality coffee. We can also grind to order any of our coffees for you to enjoy at home or work and offer advice regarding your chosen brew method.


Milk is also local from Northiam dairy whose herds graze in Sussex and Kent.


As coffee geeks, we’re obsessive about correct preparation techniques, (partly why we spent a small fortune on the best equipment!). A minor deviation from the amount of coffee in the shot, the grind of the coffee beans or the temperature of milk can affect the quality of your drink.


We don’t expect you to be potty about the details; you can leave that to us and our expertly trained baristas. We’ll craft your drink with care and attention every time to extract the great taste of our coffee because serving great coffee is really important to us. We're absolutely committed to using great quality beans, freshly ground by us, so you always get a great cup.


Sure we're an independent coffee shop, but we love tea too. Our whole leaf teas come from Tea Pigs who have a superb range of teas and infusions, we particularly love the liquorice & peppermint. And if you haven't tried our own blend of Chai Latte, you are definitely missing out.

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